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Top 6 Essential Flossing Products for Braces

  • Post last modified:September 19, 2023

Are you struggling to maintain proper oral hygiene while wearing braces? We understand the challenges that come with keeping your teeth and gums healthy during orthodontic treatment. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 6 essential flossing products specifically designed for braces. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to these must-have items that will make flossing with braces a breeze. So, let’s dive in and discover the tools that will help you achieve a cleaner and healthier smile throughout your orthodontic journey.


Glide Threader Floss, 30-Count Pack

Maintaining oral hygiene can be a challenge, especially for those with dental appliances like bridges, braces, and implants. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Glide Threader Floss in the 30-count single-use packets. This floss is a game-changer, providing convenience and exceptional performance. The compact and portable single-use packets make it easy to have a reliable dental hygiene solution wherever you go. The ingenious design incorporates a threader, making it effortless to navigate through tight spaces and around dental appliances. The floss is smooth and gentle on the gums, yet sturdy enough to effectively remove food particles and plaque. With 30-count boxes offering ample supply at an affordable price point, this floss is a cost-effective investment in your dental care. Don’t let dental appliances hold you back from maintaining optimal oral health. Try Glide Threader Floss today and experience the difference for yourself.

Convenient and effective flossing solution
  • Designed for easy use with bridges, braces, and implants
  • Comes in single-use packets for convenience and hygiene
  • Glide threader floss allows for effortless threading between teeth
  • Pack of 4 boxes provides extended supply for regular use
Convenient and Effective
  • Sturdy tip for inserting between teeth at the gum line
  • Smooth thread that doesn’t catch or shred
  • Convenient single-use packets for on-the-go use
  • Ingenious design with a threader for easy flossing around dental appliances
Limitations of Glide Threader Floss
  • Packaging may not be environmentally friendly
  • Some users may find the floss threader difficult to maneuver initially
In conclusion, the Glide Threader Floss, 30-Count Boxes of Single-Use Packets (Pack of 4) is a convenient and effective dental floss option, especially for those with bridges, braces, and implants, although the packaging may not be environmentally friendly and some users may find the floss threader difficult to maneuver initially.

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces

Introducing Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces, the hassle-free solution to flossing with braces. Designed specifically for braces, these flossers have an innovative structure that allows them to fit under the arch wire, between teeth, and up into the gums. No more struggling with traditional floss or threaders! With the pick end, you can easily remove food particles and plaque around the brackets. Our flossers have received mixed reviews, with some customers finding them to be a game changer in their flossing routine. The flossers have helped speed up the flossing process and slide under the wire effortlessly. However, some customers have mentioned that the floss shreds and is not very sturdy. Despite these drawbacks, many customers appreciate the convenience and ease of use provided by our flossers. Give them a try and see if they can make flossing with braces a more enjoyable experience for you.

Convenient and effective flossing solution
  • Fits under arch wire
  • Non-damaging
  • Encourages flossing habits
  • Removes food particles and plaque around brackets
Efficient and Convenient
  • Time-saving: Users mentioned that these flossers have helped speed up the flossing process
  • Ease of use: They slide under the wire of braces easily, making it convenient for both adults and kids
  • Encourages flossing habits: One user mentioned that their child enjoys using these flossers, which can help in developing a regular flossing routine
  • Limited amount of usable floss: Some reviewers mentioned that only a small portion of the floss is actually usable, making it feel like a waste of product
  • Floss shredding: There were a few mentions of the floss shredding, which can be frustrating and may affect its effectiveness
Based on the product information, the Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces offer a time-saving and convenient solution that encourages flossing habits, although some users mentioned limitations with the amount of usable floss and occasional floss shredding.

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces – Efficient, Easy Flossing – 30 Count

The Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces are a must-have for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment. Made in the USA and recommended by orthodontists, dentists, and hygienists, these flossers are designed to keep your gums and teeth healthy throughout your treatment. With these flossers, you/your child are 21 times more likely to floss daily, making it easier than ever to maintain good oral hygiene. The unique structure of the flossers allows them to fit under the arch wire and floss the entire mouth in less than two minutes. Their clever design makes it easy to get in between the brackets and wires, ensuring a thorough clean. With the Platypus Orthodontic Flossers, flossing becomes less daunting and more consistent, increasing compliance by over 84%. Each pack contains 30 flossers, giving you a convenient supply to last. Experience the game-changing benefits of the Platypus Orthodontic Flossers and make your braces care journey a breeze.

Making Flossing a Breeze
  • Unique structure that fits under arch wire
  • Flosses entire mouth in less than two minutes
  • Increases flossing compliance over 84%
  • Made in the USA and orthodontist recommended
Convenient and Effective
  • Recommended by orthodontists: The Platypus Orthodontic Flossers have received recommendations from orthodontists, indicating their effectiveness and suitability for braces care
  • Unique structure: The flossers have a clever design that allows them to fit under the arch wire of braces, making it easier to reach and clean between brackets and wires
  • Increases flossing compliance: According to reviews, these flossers have been successful in increasing flossing compliance by over 84%, indicating their ability to motivate and encourage consistent oral hygiene
Improvements Needed
  • Limited quantity – Some customers mentioned running out of the flossers and needing to purchase them again
  • Similar appearance – A few customers noted that the flossers look similar to regular flossers, which may cause confusion for some users
Highly recommended
In conclusion, the Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces are highly recommended by orthodontists due to their unique structure that fits under the arch wire, their ability to floss the entire mouth in less than two minutes, and their effectiveness in increasing flossing compliance by over 84%, making them a valuable tool for maintaining oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.

Plackers Orthopick Floss Picks for Braces

Get ready to transform your flossing routine with Plackers Orthopick Floss Picks! Designed specifically for those with braces, these floss picks are here to make flossing a breeze. Our innovative FlipPick feature effortlessly removes pesky food debris from between teeth and brackets in just seconds. With our Tuffloss technology, you can trust that the floss won’t stretch, shred, or break, ensuring a gentle and effective cleaning experience. The QuickFix Grip allows for precise control, even in hard-to-reach areas. These floss picks are perfect for busy individuals who prioritize their oral health. And with our Sure-Zip seal, you can take them anywhere and keep them fresh all day long. Don’t settle for ordinary flossing; choose Plackers Orthopick Floss Picks and showcase a smile that’s truly extraordinary.

Convenient flossing for brace wearers
  • Orthodontic dental floss picks
  • Designed for braces
  • Tuffloss technology
  • Easy storage with Sure-Zip Seal
Benefits of Orthopick Floss Picks
  • Designed specifically for braces: These floss picks are specifically designed to be used with braces, making them a convenient and effective option for those with orthodontic appliances
  • Fold-out FlipPick: The fold-out FlipPick feature adds an extra level of versatility to these floss picks, allowing for easy removal of trapped food particles and debris
  • Tuffloss: The Tuffloss technology ensures that the floss is strong and durable, reducing the chances of it breaking while in use
  • Easy storage with Sure-Zip Seal: The packaging of these floss picks includes a Sure-Zip Seal, making it easy to store them and keep them clean and hygienic
  • Positive reviews: Based on the reviews mentioned, many users have found these floss picks to be useful, of good quality, and reasonably priced compared to other options
  • Some users may find the waste associated with these floss picks to be a drawback
  • The Ortho-Pick style may be confusing for new users who are not aware of the different styles of Plackers
Concluding Remarks: Mixed Pros and Cons
Based on the product information provided, we believe that the Plackers Orthopick Floss Picks are a convenient and effective option for individuals with braces, offering versatility, durability, and easy storage with positive reviews from users, although some may find the waste associated with them to be a drawback and new users might find the Ortho-Pick style confusing.

Oral-B Braces Super Floss, Mint, 50 Count

Our Oral-B Dental Floss for Braces, Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands, Mint, 50 Count, Pack of 2 is the perfect solution for anyone with braces, bridges, or wide spaces between teeth. With its three unique components, including a stiffened-end dental floss threader, spongy floss, and regular floss, this product is designed to provide maximum benefits. The stiffened end allows for easy flossing under appliances, while the spongy-floss effectively cleans around appliances and in wide spaces. Additionally, the regular floss helps remove plaque under the gumline. With 100 pre-cut strands and a refreshing mint flavor, this dental floss is both convenient and enjoyable to use. Don’t just take our word for it – our customers rave about how this product has made flossing with braces or bridges so much easier and more effective. It’s time to make flossing a breeze with Oral-B Dental Floss for Braces!

Easy and Effective Flossing Solution
  • Stiffened end for easy flossing under appliances
  • Spongy-floss for effective cleaning around appliances and wide spaces
  • Regular floss for plaque removal under the gumline
  • 100 pre-cut strands for convenience
  • Mint flavor for a refreshing experience
Convenient Flossing Solution
  • Easy to use for those with braces or dental devices: The pre-cut strands make it convenient and hassle-free to floss under dental appliances, such as braces or bridges
  • Effective at removing trapped food: Users have found that this dental floss does a great job of cleaning out food particles that can get stuck in hard-to-reach areas, like under dental bridges
  • Durable and sturdy: The floss is designed to be strong and not easily break or fray, ensuring a reliable and thorough cleaning experience
Inadequate for Braces
  • Works well for cleaning under dental bridges
  • Makes flossing easier for those with braces or orthodontic devices
In summary, highly recommended
Overall, we highly recommend the Oral-B Dental Floss for Braces, Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands, Mint, 50 Count, Pack of 2 as it is easy to use, effective at removing trapped food, and durable, making it a great choice for individuals with braces or dental devices.

Fremouth Ortho Flossers – 100 Count

Easily clean your braces with Fremouth Upgraded Orthodontic Flossers for Braces. Designed with a thin control arm, these flossers effortlessly slide between your teeth and brace wire, ensuring a thorough clean. Engineered not to stretch, shard or break, the super floss quality of these flossers guarantees durability and reliability. With a non-slip handle featuring a groove non-slip design, you can enjoy comfort and control while flossing. Our flossers are not only effective, but also affordable, making them a great alternative to pricier options. Take care of your braces and maintain healthy teeth with Fremouth Orthodontic Flossers for Braces.

Effortless and Gentle Oral Care
  • Thin control arm for easy cleaning between teeth and braces
  • Super Floss that does not stretch, shard, or break
  • Non-slip handle for comfort and control
  • Pack of 100 flossers for long-lasting use
Convenient and Effective
  • Affordable alternative to pricier brands recommended for braces
  • Eases the process of flossing with braces, making it more convenient
  • Works effectively and improves oral hygiene for individuals with braces
Limitations of Ortho Flossers
  • May be difficult to thread the floss through the wire for some users
  • Accidental shipment to the wrong address reported by one customer
Overall, we found the Fremouth Upgraded Orthodontic Flossers for Braces to be a highly effective and affordable option for individuals with braces, providing easy and convenient flossing while improving oral hygiene, although there were a few isolated issues reported by some users.

Gentle Options for Sensitive Teeth

Choosing the Right Floss for Braces: A Buyer’s Guide

  • Sturdiness: It is crucial to choose a floss that is strong and sturdy enough to effectively clean around your braces. Braces have various nooks and crannies that can be difficult to clean, so opting for a floss that won’t easily break or fray is essential
  • Thickness: Look for a floss that is thin enough to fit between your braces, but still substantial enough to effectively remove plaque and food particles. The floss should be able to slide easily between the brackets and wires without causing discomfort or getting stuck
  • Special Features: Some floss options come with additional features that can be beneficial for braces wearers. For example, there are floss threads that have a built-in threader, making it easier to navigate around the wires. Others have a wax coating which helps the floss glide smoothly between the teeth and braces

Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Flossing with Braces

  • Choose the right type of floss: Look for floss that is specifically designed for braces. It should be thin and smooth to easily slide between the braces and teeth. Avoid using waxed floss as it may get stuck in the brackets
  • Thread the floss carefully: Take a piece of floss around 18 inches long and thread it under the main wire of your braces. Gently pull it through until you have equal lengths on both sides. Be patient and cautious while threading to prevent any discomfort or damage to the braces
  • Properly clean between each tooth: Once the floss is threaded, hold one end with your index finger and the other end with your thumb. Gently guide the floss between two teeth, making a C shape around each tooth. Move the floss up and down a few times to remove any food particles or plaque. Repeat this process for each tooth, using a clean section of floss for each space
  • Remember, using floss for braces may initially feel challenging, but with practice, it will become easier. It is important to floss every day to maintain good oral hygiene and keep your braces clean. Don’t hesitate to ask your orthodontist or dental professional for further guidance and tips